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Thursday January 17, 2019
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Jonathan Wing | posted 10-26-2004 | Number of Votes: 186  |  Current Rating: 4.37   

I have a client we do a monthly newsletter for.

Client: Why is it page 3 has large text but page 4 has small text? (they mean page 3 has 12 pt. text and page 4 has about 8 pt.)
Me: Well, you said page 3 can only have "page 3 information" on it, and page 4 can only have "page 4 information" on it, right?
Client: yes.
Me: And you said you didn't want any white space, right?
Client: yes.
Me: Well there is barely any content for page 3, so we have to make the text size larger to fill up the page so there is no white space by your request. However, the content you provided for page 4 has a lot of text, and you say it may only be on page 4, so in order to make it all fit, we have to make the text small and packed close together. If we could put some page 4 information on page 3, that wouldn't be a prob--
Client: No, that isn't an option. Only page 3 information on page 3, only page 4 on page 4.
Me: Then what do you want me to do?
Client: Make all text the same size! Make everything large so we can read it well!
Me: Ok, but you don't have any more page space to continue page 4, you know that.
Client: So? Just make it bigger!
Me: Yes, but page 4 is already full of content, if we make it bigger, everything will be packed too closely together to read.
Client: enough of this-- just make it look like page 3.

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