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Monday June 17, 2019
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julie | posted 11-05-2004 | Number of Votes: 55  |  Current Rating: 4.19   

I design exhibits for tradeshow and uses a 3d software to
show our design... This is from a very difficult client.

c: Can you not make the background black, because it's
really not that dark in the convention center.

c: Can you not make the flooring reflective, show the carpet
that the GC will use. (This show is 4 months away, how do
I know what color carpet they will use AROUND your

c: I am concerned that there's no action around our
presentation area. Can you show streamers shooting out
from the prop cake and streamers dropping from the

c: Why can't you model the cake? We want to see what
how the cake is going to look. (Not to mention that we're a
design house for exhibits, not cakes)

c: I still don't see anything in the air where we can drop the
balloons and streamers, how can't we see this in the
renderings? I want to see it dropping. (Ok, let me just
animate the streamers and balloons dropping and PRINT
it out for you.)

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