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Monday October 22, 2018
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Stupid Client Quote #1357

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ImATrampoline | posted 11-17-2004 | Number of Votes: 161  |  Current Rating: 4.39   

"Click the left mouse button."
"The left mouse button?"
"Yeah, there'll be two or three buttons there on the mouse, click the left one."
"There's no left mouse button."
"OK, how many buttons do you have on your mouse?"
"When I say the left mouse button, I mean the one of those two buttons that's on
the left. Is one on the left?"
"Where are the buttons on the mouse?"
"I have one in the middle and one on the right."
"OK, the one on the left is the left mouse button."
"It's not on the left, it's in the middle."
"What is on the left? Is there no button on the left?"
"No. There's no button."
"What's there?"
"Is there just plastic there?"

Days later:
"Click the left mouse button"
".....I don't have a left mouse button."
"Oh sorry, I remember, you're that lady without one. Just click the middle one

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