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Monday April 22, 2019
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Gipetto | posted 12-02-2004 | Number of Votes: 77  |  Current Rating: 2.73   

I (used to) work for a small printer. I was informed that we had a job coming in, 4 color flier built in Photoshop. Crap, I thought, not this again. So I called the customer to try and see if I could head this off before it gets to me.

So I call the designer:

Me: Can you build it in a different program?
Her: Yeah, sure. What do you suggest?
Me: InDesign, Pagemaker, or Quark?
Her: Don't have those.
Me: Illustrator, Freehand?
Her: Nope.
Me: Corel?
Her: Nope.
Me: (getting desperate) MS Publisher?
Her: Nope.
Me: Do you have anything else?
Her: No, just photoshop.

At least she was using PS6 so all the type remained vector. I still tacked $100 onto the job to make up for the time it took to send to press.

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