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Monday March 18, 2019
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MainframeMouse | posted 12-03-2004 | Number of Votes: 100  |  Current Rating: 4.51   

After leaving university it was a while before I got a job (IT skills shortage my arse). Any how this job was a horrible data capture job for East Midlands Electric. Each month data was taken from the servers by two specialists who plugged a PC into the network and copied the data to it. Why not DAT tapes or other media I will never know?

So I?m clicking away in this hideous two penny job watching these ?engineers? set up the PC behind me. Kettle lead into the power; a good start. PS2 keyboard and mouse into the PS2 ports, mmm good follow through. Ethernet into the Ethernet port, nice hat-trick ?. Then came the VGA plug.

This ?engineer?, who would have been earning considerable more than my ?4.50 hour slave job performed the following dance.

VGA plug into the serial port 1, didn?t fit
VGA plug into the serial port 2, didn?t fit
VGA plug into the serial parallel port, didn?t fit not even close
VGA plug into the serial port 1 again just in case, still didn?t fit

He then looked at the plug, I assume to count the pins, and checked both serial ports. He took a second to look the length of the back of the PC and finally noticed this strange port on a card in the PCI slot. 1 minute 30 seconds after plugging in the Ethernet the monitor was finally connected.

It hurt, it really hurt to watch.

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