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Thursday October 29, 2020
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Stupid Client Quote #1553

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jon | posted 12-03-2004 | Number of Votes: 76  |  Current Rating: 4.49   

Client: (pissed because mockup designs aren't exactly what they want) ...I'm upset because you completely ignored our suggestions. We asked for "clean" and "uncluttered".

Me: (Wondering if client realizes that these are just mock-ups) I'm sorry it isn't to your liking. We did try to follow your recommendations. Please understand, "clean" and "uncluttered" are subjective terms we felt we had followed, but...

Client: (interrupts) You completely ignored our direction. "Clean" and "uncluttered" are not adjectives...

I'm no grammer expert, so I offered to accompany the client to where we could find exactly what part of speech those words were.

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