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Friday May 24, 2019
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luckypp | posted 12-08-2004 | Number of Votes: 116  |  Current Rating: 4.54   

I was working on a web site for a client and we went through 4 rounds of revisions (2 more than in the contract) and I finally got the email saying LAST ROUND OF CHANGES.

In the email it clearly stated that as soon as I finished these last changes we were done.

So I did them and billed the client.

I get a phone call almost immeadiately.

C: "What the hell is this invoice! The site isn't done!"

M: "Your email states that those last changes were the last changes. I made them, so why aren't we done?"

C: "I need this project open so I can make changes in the future!"

After a long conversation it came out that he expected me to make any changes he ever requested at any time. I refused, telling him that if he could always make changes, then the project would never end.

It wasn't until I took down his web site that he sent me a check.

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