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Friday November 16, 2018
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Poker Paul | posted 12-16-2004 | Number of Votes: 68  |  Current Rating: 3.97   

The client has no money, but has some time, about a month and a half, and wants it all.

We have a kick off meeting.

The will send me the data by the following monday.

Weeks go by and one friday, one of the client's underlings calls me. She has been tasked with the project, they need it by next friday and OH BY THE WAY, what's the project about?

That's about how the WHOLE project proceeded. I told them the only way to get it done in a week was with 100% commital, all data had to be correct and as they wanted it presented. The agreed. In the end it took a month after all their changes.

I'm working on another project for the same client. We had the kick off meeting in late September, the due date was mid November, It's the week before Christmas and I haven't heard from them. I was supposed to have the data the friday after the meeting. I stopped calling them.

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