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Tuesday November 13, 2018
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jonaseck | posted 01-02-2005 | Number of Votes: 87  |  Current Rating: 4.57   

After sending a cd with a vectorized logo to a printing company i got this call:

Cient: The logo you sent us cant be printed, the lines are too thin! Its ok though, I printed it to paper and used a marker to add some thickness, I'm about to start printing those t-shirts for you now and I just wanted to tell you everything is ok!

Me: Everything is not ok! What happens when you open the file?

Client: It says an error has occured, but I do get an outline of a logo so I just figured I'd fix it for you.

An hour later I drive over to the printshop with a new CD, turns out the last one was damaged in transit.

Me: the cd has a crack going from the center all the way out to the rim! Couldn't that be the cause of the error?

Client: No, we get that all the time!

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