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Tuesday March 19, 2019
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Bach | posted 01-02-2005 | Number of Votes: 58  |  Current Rating: 3.77   

I'm from Denmark and studying as a datatechnichian, and therefor i run around and help (mostly old) people with their computer and home networks.
One old lady called me and said "There's something wrong when i try to log in, it's not the same screen as it used to be!"
I go over to her house to check it out adn sure enough, she just had to change password. Windows wants the password changed every once in a while.
I sit down with her and press the "change now" button [Wich she had not seen]
So username didn't had to change, and then I tell her to type in her old password again in the "New Password" field.
Her: "ok, I can be the same as the old one?"
Me: "Yeah sure"
Her: "And this, what does "Confirm" means?"
Me: "Just that Windows wana make sure that you've done it all right and that you have to type the same password again!"
Her: "Ok... But How does windows know i'm doing it right?"
Me: "If the new password and the "confirmed" password are identical, it knows that you know what you're doing!"
Her: "But i don't.. So that meens i should type something else?"
Me: "No, because then you would have to do it all over again!"
Her: "Ok, so what was i should do again?"
Me: "Just type in the password in the Confirm field!"
Her: "Ok, what now?"
Me: "PRESS "OK""
Her: "Why did I had to "Confirm" my password and ALSO press that it's ok?"
Me: "Just do it...."

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