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Sunday February 23, 2020
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Stupid Client Quote #1958

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InsertCoins | posted 02-03-2005 | Number of Votes: 160  |  Current Rating: 4.22   

A client calls me concerning a machine she was using that had seemingly frozen. The display was stuck and nothing was responding. Our machines, sadly, are slightly sensitive to power surges, and the area where it was plugged in had many high impedence appliances on the same circuit ((Read : I mean like, industrial fridges, industrial coffee machines, etc ...))

The call went something like this;

Client : Yes, my terminal is frozen. I've tried everything, send me a tech.

InsertCoins : Well, ma'am, I'd just like to try to see if rebooting it might help.

Client : Did that.

InsertCoins : Ok, well, we'll try again, please unplug the power cable, in the green outlet on the back of the terminal

Client : Still frozen. The screen is still frozen.

InsertCoins : You unplugged the power? And the display is still on?

Client : That's what I'm saying, I need a tech!

InsertCoins : Ma'am, I beleive you may have removed the wrong wire.

Client : Impossible! The customer is never wrong! ((I wish I was kidding, she really said that))

InsertCoins : Ma'am ... With no power going to the machine, how can it stay on?

Client : Batteries, d'uh

InsertCoins : .... Ma'am, our machines do not support batteries.

Client : How do you know?

InsertCoins : ...

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