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Wednesday March 20, 2019
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Stupid Client Quote #1978

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blankfist | posted 02-03-2005 | Number of Votes: 70  |  Current Rating: 4.15   

We were bidding for a project with a major phone company that was buying out a major sports arena in Texas (just like Staples did for the Staple Center, but of course it wasn't Staples it was a phone company). They wanted us to come up with a major multimedia experience for the new arena, and we did! We had pie-in-the-sky ideas with kiosks inside seats, large billboard size monitors running promos during the games, devices to detect customers with their phones as they entered the stadium, et cetera. I'm talking big stuff here!

So, we're ready to sign on the line that is dotted when the client came back and said, "We're going with another company that can do all this for a lot cheaper, and using state of the art technology. Have you guys ever heard of something called 'Flash Technology'?"

There was a hush. Good luck with your failures you corporate idiots!

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