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Monday June 17, 2019
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nightops | posted 02-09-2005 | Number of Votes: 68  |  Current Rating: 4.30   

One day I was working remotely with a client on an email system utilizing OWA.
Me: Ok, put in your username and password. Your username is your full email address.
Client: It didn't let me login.
Me: Did it give you any errors?
Client: Yes
Me: What was the error?
Client: I don't know, it told me I couldn't login.
Me: Can you send me a screenshot?
Client: Sure.
(a few moments pass)
Me: Have you already sent the email?
Client: No, I just took the picture.
Me. ::WTF????:: Um, taking a screenshot is where you press the 'Print Screen' button on your keyboard. It should be near the F12 key. Then you can open up Paint or Microsoft Word, then hold down the 'Ctrl' button and press the letter 'V' on your keyboard, which will paste what you saw on the screen. Then save the file and attach the file to an email, and send that to me.
Client: Oh...okay, I'll do that.
Me: Ok, just let me know when you're done. If you have *any* (STRESSED the ANY) problems, don't hesitate to ask.
Client: Ok. (a few more moments go by) Ok, I'm done.
Me: Ok, I don't have the email yet, I'll wait for a few seconds to see if it comes in.
(a few more minutes fly by)
Client: Isn't it there yet?
Me: I haven't received it yet, can you check your 'Sent' box to make sure that it has been sent?
Client: Sure, I know how to do that! Nope, it's not there.
Me: Ok... Just out of curiousity, is your email still open with the attached screenshot?
Client: Yes.
Me: (smacks forehead) Ok, you have to press 'Send/Receive' before the email can be sent.
Client: Oh, but I pressed 'Save'. Doesn't that do the same thing?
Me: No...
Client: Oh, maybe that's why everyone keeps calling me...
Me: ..... uh ..... Ok, got the email. Um...

A few days later we resolved the issue... Client specs had said all users would be using 'Windows 2000 or later' clients...this client thought that 'Windows 98' was considered 'later' since it was older... Windows 2003 Server didn't have anything set for Pre-Win2k login names...

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