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Thursday October 29, 2020
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FreeFreeAtLast | posted 03-10-2005 | Number of Votes: 82  |  Current Rating: 4.46   

I wouldnt even begin to describe myself as a programmer or web designer, but I do have a stupid boss vs. the computer story that will fit right in.

I was working as a project/commissioning/systems engineer at a major utility and one of my jobs was writing a procedure for a major systems test.

The project (the whole project) was behind schedule so one of the consultants they had hired as VP of Engineering Services sent a memo out Thursday afternoon that everyone would be working on the weekend to process all engineering holds and get the work out to the field by Monday, no exceptions.

Friday was spent searching multiple databases for holds on any of my systems and there were none. My boss said: "Ok, come in anyway and work on the test procedure." So I did. I had been struggling on the computer for a couple of hours and it was doing *strange things*. Stuff was happening on the screen when I wasnt typng and nothing was showing up when I did type.

I told my boss and he said to save and reboot ... "I cant even do that, the keyboard doesnt work! The screen goes all grey (no colour) and nothing happens." He came to my desk and I showed him exactly what was happening. In his wisdom he said "You just do this." (as he flicked the power switch) .... "Uhhhhhhh, if there is no power how do you expect it to save to the hard drive? You just lost the file." To paraphrase what a lot of other quotes on this site say ... at that moment the look on his face was as vacant as the space between his ears.

The best part was when the support person came on Monday to check out the computer and I told her what the symptoms were she said : "Oh hell, no one told us there were 200 engineers working all weekend, we were upgrading all the servers. Part of the script locks up all clients on the server so they cant interfere with the loading of the upgrade." At that moment the stupid boss walked into my office and we explained what happened. His response:"Well my computer was working fine."

He had no clue that just because we are in the same department doesnt mean we are on the same server.

I took an early retirement package shortly after that.

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