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Monday October 22, 2018
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Dan | posted 03-10-2005 | Number of Votes: 102  |  Current Rating: 4.46   

I work at a help line for people using our web site.

me: this is ******. how can I hel you?

cust: yes i forgot my user name and password

me: ok, what's your e-mail address so I can find your account?

cust: www.fg.....

me: (cutting her off) no, you're giving me a web address. I need your E-MAIL address.

cust: oh i don't know what it is.... how do i find out?

me: ok, when you go to read your e-mail, what do you click on?

cust: i just go on the internet

me: ok so which web site do you go to so you can check your e-mail?

cust: i don't know. i just go on the internet.

me: what do you use to go on the internet? what little picture do you clik on to use the internet?

long silence........

me: ok, lets say you sit down and turn on the computer and say to your self "I want to go on the internet". what do you click on? what does the little picture look like?

cust: i just go on the internet.

me: WHAT DO YOU USE FOR THE INTERNET! (sometimes talking loudly gets them to think a little better)

cust: aol (figures)

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