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Sunday July 5, 2020
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CubicleHeadBanger | posted 03-21-2005 | Number of Votes: 150  |  Current Rating: 4.49   

So I was working on a reorganization process at a largish health care system. Part of the process was getting the input from different groups within the hospital, and then writing a massive mission statement based on this input. The individual sections of this paper, however, were written by different members of the team, and some of them frequently wrote items with a heavy pro-management spin on the data, my boss chief among them. The representatives for the doctors were upset when presented with the draft of their section, as it had received this pro-management spin and didn't represent their concerns at all. I was asked to rewrite this section, since I had previously worked in the Medical Staff office and understood them better than anyone else on the project. So I printed out the original version so I could work on it after I came back from a meeting with another team member. When I got back, I found that my boss had been snooping around on my desk and found this original, unedited copy. She then proceeded to mark it up with red pen, commenting on the horrible writing and I was expected to do another rewrite since this wasn't up to her standard. It was with an incredibly gleeful heart that I went into her office to tell her that while I appreciated her comments and her incredible dedication to know what I was working on (i.e. - why on earth had she taken anything off my desk?!?!?) , she had actually marked up the original draft. What wasn't said but was hanging in the room - SHE had written the draft she just stated wasn't up to "her standard." She never took anything off my desk again...

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