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Sunday May 31, 2020
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zoot499 | posted 03-23-2005 | Number of Votes: 81  |  Current Rating: 3.95   

not really stupid, just terribly terribly sad...

I was working as the A/V technician on a corporate meeting. I was quite excited as I noted the the CEO of a major creative agency (see was on the agenda. I figured if anybody would have an eye-popping PowerPoint presentation, Mr R/G would be the one.

The assistant comes ahead of time and we connect the laptop as best we can. The POS had no offset screws left, so there was no way to lock the VGA connection; I affix a bit of tape and hope for the best. I open up the presentation and my jaw drops as I look at one of the ugliest eye-charts ever. 8 point blue Arial type on a flat red background. No art design at all. Any one of the built-in templates would have looked much better.

I say to the assistant "Your company wins awards for your commercials and film work. Is this really what you will be showing today?" The assistant replies, "Well, we really don't like to spend a lot of time on PowerPoint".

Apparently not, but it took a lot of time to make it look this bad. Whatever. I don't say it out loud. We start the meeting.

Mr. R/G starts his presentation. He moves the laptop; the VGA cable works loose. He stands there, blinking at the big screen which has gone dark. Coughs & nervous rustling fill the auditorium. I enter from backstage, walk over to the lectern, and replug the cable.

Kinda like finding out that George Lucas can't work the VCR, and his home movies have all the heads cut off...

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