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Monday October 22, 2018
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PaulC | posted 03-29-2005 | Number of Votes: 53  |  Current Rating: 4.48   

Project: >15 minute e-Learning course, 6 video clips, 8 multiple choice quesions. It takes a whopping 2 days to slap one of these together, we are now in month 4 with this client. I wonder why...

3/21/05 12:07 PM Client: "We have a few edits ready. Can we edit on line rather than sending back to you? It would greatly save time!"

3/21/05 12:34 PM Us: "Sorry, the course can't be edited online. Send us your changes, we can have them in by this afternoon."

3/23/05 10:30 AM Us: "_____, didn't hear back from you the other day. We're ready for your changes as soon as you send them."

3/25/05 1:13 PM US: "_____, we're ready for the changes you said you had on the 21st, got 'em?"

3/29/05 5:01 PM Client: "Not yet."

*kick computer*

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