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Friday October 19, 2018
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nvr2mch | posted 03-29-2005 | Number of Votes: 96  |  Current Rating: 4.02   

I work for a government funded agency that helps low income people find full time jobs. We also teach them everything they need to know about job searching, resumes, interviews, etc. After a client is placed we have to do follow ups once a month for a year. I hear the damndest things when it comes to people losing their jobs and the excuses they use to get themselves fired. Some of them include: "Someone stole the battery out of my car so I can't drive it" (He could ride the bus to get to work!); My boyfriend and I had wild sex last night and I hurt my back so I couldn't go to work and they fired me" (Client had used this excuse for 4 days straight and wondered why she got fired); "I didn't feel like going to work so I didn't call and when I did go back to work (3 days later) they told me was fired. I don't understand why I got fired!" (I get this sooooooooooooooo much it just drives me mad); "I missed the my ride" (Client has a car of their own and they work on a public bus line but couldn't get to freaking work); "I told my boss to f*&k off. I say that to to anyone I don't like" (WELL DUH! No wonder you can't keep a job); "My dog is sick" (Client doesn't even have a dog. They can't afford a dog because they don't have a freaking job); There are sooo many lazy, stupid people out there. It gets worse day after day. People don't understand that Welfare is going to be almost eradicated in a few years. They also don't understand that there won't be many people, if any, that will be able to help them but they don't just don't care. If they don't care why do they have to give such stupid A$$ excuses for not going to work? I will never understand stupid people.

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