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Tuesday July 17, 2018
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someone | posted 04-02-2005 | Number of Votes: 126  |  Current Rating: 1.45   

This was a problem i experienced with my friend. There were a few results we needed to tabulate in an excel sheet. I just made an EXCEL sheet with coloumns for team name and the score. Sent it over to him.

Pat comes a message - "u havent given any space for the team name . wat abt teams having long names?"

Me: "Just keep typing"

Him: "it wud overlap to the next coloumn"

Me: "dun worry, just type"

Him: "yeah wat abt the next coloumn"

Me: "That time, just go to the next coloumn and then enter what you want"

Him: "u'll have probss later"

Me: (You talk like u are the guru of excel and u dont know a thing in it! What the ****. Are you illiterate or something!?!? *Bangs head on keyboard* -- and breaks a key in the process*)

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