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Wednesday November 13, 2019
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Tallaser | posted 04-27-2005 | Number of Votes: 69  |  Current Rating: 3.67   

I work in the ID card section of Air Force Personnel at an undisclosed location in California. We constantly have customers come in asking for the wrong thing, but this one instance, we had a Colonel (probably been in the Air Force 30+ years) and asks me the most assinine question:

Me: Can I help you , sir?

Col: Yes, I need to register my car on base. I just got here on base.

Me: Sir, this is the ID card section. You have to go to pass and registration.

Col: This isn't pass and registration?
(Like I'm somehow mistaken with where I work)

Me: No, sir.

Col: Hmm... well, where is pass and registration?

Me: You passed it on the way in.

Col: Oh. That's Pass and registration. You know, they really should have a sign up saying "Pass and Registration."

Apparently, the Colonel hadn't noticed the huge letters posted above the section saying "PASS AND REGISTRATION"...

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