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Tuesday July 17, 2018
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Ekaterin | posted 04-28-2005 | Number of Votes: 72  |  Current Rating: 4.33   

While working as a dtp/designer for a large partnership, I was asked to create a 20 or so page document for an internal department. It wasn't that graphic heavy, mainly text, so I used Word to put together a document. I used left/right page styles and made sure each of the 8 or so sections started on the left hand page.

Partner - can you get rid of these blank pages (there were about 3 in the document in total). I don't want that to be there.

Me - Yes, but I'll need to redesign the whole thing, the current design relies on left/right pages.

Partner - Can you do that. I'll need to see it in an hour.

Me - actually I don't have time now. I'm working on XXX project

Partner - what's it done in?

Me - Word.

Partner - Ok, send me the file. I'll do it myself.

I sent the file. 20 minutes later his secretary came over to me to ask if I had time to do these changes he had asked her to do. I almost split myself laughing.

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