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Friday November 22, 2019
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Greslin | posted 05-16-2005 | Number of Votes: 56  |  Current Rating: 3.86   

I'm a copywriter; occasionally I'll get a contract from a marketing or ad firm, but mostly I work with small businesses. By far the client gripe that most makes me want to reach through the phone and strangle goes like this.. actual, real-life example (names changed), with a client whose business sells natural sleep aids over the Web.

Me: "So, did you like the new landing copy on your website?"

C: "Looks great, we had to change the headline."

I punch up the testbed website and read the new copy. He's removed my perfectly good headline and replaced it with "www.sleepnow... calm". (His URL is *not* 'sleepnow'.) The headline has absolutely nothing to do with the copy it leads in to.

Me: "What is this?"

C: "I wanted something that sparkled more, I've showed around this new one to friends and they all think it's clever."

Me (rubbing temples, here we go again): "This doesn't even make sense. What, is 'calm' supposed to be a play on 'com'? You don't even own that URL. It's going to be confusing."

C: "Well, when someone reads this, they're already on my site, so it's not gonna confuse them. They'll think it's clever."

Me: "I really don't think so." (translation: "That's the f*cking stupidest idea I've heard this month.") "I mean, there's no transition in the copy, no context in which it makes sense, I don't even think it's particularly clever, and *I'm* confused looking at it. It's not a good idea."

C: "Look, I asked around, and my friends all said it was clever, so we're going to run with it.. but don't you think it's clever? It's a play on 'dot com'!"

Me: "It's not a good idea. But I'm not going to argue the point with you - it's your copy."

C: "But it really is clever."

Me: *grumble*

And on and on and on.. look guys, it's one thing to disagree with me and my professional opinion. Fine, that's up to you. But why do you feel the need to argue and argue and argue it? Are you just wanting me to sign off on your idiotic idea so later you can say that your writer screwed up??

One of these days, Alice.. one of these days..

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