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Wednesday March 20, 2019
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Erzengel | posted 05-22-2005 | Number of Votes: 54  |  Current Rating: 2.21   

I work as a freelance web/graphic designer. When needed, i provide my clients the hosting/domain regisering service, to do that i have a company that gives me killer low prices. Of course, i charge a bit extra for myself, and its very low anyway.
I just got this new client, who used to be the owner of a big web hosting/design company, but now he changed into insurance an stuff like that.
Me: "The price for you website is $xxxx, as a promotion, i´ll include the domain and the hosting"
He: "And how much if i get the hosting myself? Just tell me where you host, and i´ll do the payment directly"
Me: "As ii said, im giving you that for free, it wont change the final price if you provide the hosting yourself"
He: "Oh, well, thats fine, tell me anyway, i´ll do that for you"

As i write this, he is specting me to send him the info by email... Yeah, RITE!
Anyone know of a very expensive hosting service? lol

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