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Sunday September 22, 2019
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mediamaven | posted 06-03-2005 | Number of Votes: 154  |  Current Rating: 4.28   

I was running sound on the main stage for a folk festival. The headliner was a fairly big-named folkie from Southern California. This guy has been performing for decades so you'd think he knows his stuff.

At sound check he asked if I could put some FX on his guitar...

Me: (Trying to please the star) Sure.... What do you like...? I've got some 'verbs we can try.... or do you like something else?

Him: I dunno... but the guitar needs something... uh... could you make it sound less "white" and more "orange"?

Me: Sure...

The wierd thing about this is is that I actually understood what he meant even tho I don't have that "Southern Cal vibe" going. I cut the high end a bit and dialed in some chorus... and he was immediately happy.

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