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Sunday July 5, 2020
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docargent | posted 06-17-2005 | Number of Votes: 56  |  Current Rating: 4.31   

Back in '96 I was a graphic artist at a defense contractor. The Art Department had three shifts in case an engineer needed visuals for a last-minute presentation. I was half of the third shift. One morning an engineer requests that about 30 visuals done in Adobe Illustrator for a previous project be placed into a PowerPoint file along with some copy he'd typed for us. As the Illustrator files were JPEGs, the first shift had no trouble creating the Powerpoint file, which they saved to multiple floppies and sent up to the engineer's office. Halfway through the second shift, the engineer's secretary brought the floppies back with some typed up changes to the text and a note saying something was wrong with the charts in the presentation -- he couldn't edit them. And, by the way, the deadline had moved up. He needed the presentation ready to go by eight the next morning! The second shift went over his instructions word by word, triple-checking everything about that Powerpoint file. They were still at it when I arrived and pitched in. The job was perfectly done by two in the morning. The engineer arrived at eight and wanted to make sure that the presentation was okay before he left. I brought a copy of the file up on my desktop and invited him to go for a spin. Ten minutes later he was shouting about how we'd screwed the graphics up again. He couldn't edit them!

Turns out he wanted to be able to adjust the Illustrator-created -- which included scanned photos -- within Powerpoint. And it took me half an hour to convince him that Powerpoint just didn't have the ability -- or the tools -- to do Illustrator and Photoshop quality work.

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