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Saturday August 17, 2019
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Rinne | posted 06-19-2005 | Number of Votes: 86  |  Current Rating: 4.62   

I make deliveries sometimes, and this time I was lost. The client's instructions were vague at best: "The address is 1 A!"
I get to where it says 1 A, and it's a garage behind which is a red house. Since no-one's home, I call the client to verify that this is indeed the house.
Me: "Hi, I'm from (company) and I have your product here. What does your house look like, sir?"
Him: "It's 1 A."
Me: "Yes, sir, I am at the number, but this is a garage."
Him, getting pissed: "No dammit! It's a house, 1 A!"
Me, keeping my cool: "Sir, is it a red house? The one behind the garage?"
Him: "No dammit! It's 1 A! Can't you get that through your thick skull!?" (mmkay...I'm trying to deliver him his product and he's getting pissed at me for not finding his house strictly by number)
Me, trying to keep cool: "Sir, from your garage door, which way is your house?"
Him: "It's 1 A!! How hard can it be? 1 A!"
Me, struggling to keep my cool: "I know that sir, but that still doesn't tell me where your house is. I do not have a map of your street, so I am unable to find your house unless you tell me where your house is in relation to your garage!"
Him: "'s the brown house to your right."
Me, wishing I could strangle the bastard: "Thank you, sir." (AAaaaaaarrrrrggggghhhhh what an idiot!!!!)

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