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Sunday February 16, 2020
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Bodacious Cowboy | posted 06-29-2005 | Number of Votes: 61  |  Current Rating: 3.81   

Several years ago, the company I started had developed for a client a program with nifty marketing capabilities, and it was getting some attention from major movie studios, one of which ended up licensing it. The client invited me and our head programmer out to L.A. for an important meeting with a high-powered entertainment law firm (among their clients at the time were Harrison Ford and Michelle Pfeiffer) where we gave a dog-and-pony of the program to about a half dozen of the firm's big shots.

The woman who assigned to help us get set up in their conference room had, let's say, some "issues." Part of the setup required that we jack in to the video and audio ports embedded in the middle of this giant marble conference table. It was so big you couldn't just lean over and do it - she had to get up on the table and crawl to the middle of it, lift the little cover, and plug things in.

Being a Southern gentleman, when she got ready to get off the table I offered my hand to help her down. She made a point of refusing it, and officiously informed us that the meeting would start in ten minutes, so please be ready. She left the conference room.

About halfway through the meeting, the big shots at the firm were blown away with what they saw, but this woman, who was seated not at the table but against the wall, and who had said nothing until one of the suits looked around and said, "Does anybody have any questions?" piped up with:

"What about the DLL soup?"

ME: "What do you mean, exactly?"

HER: "I want to know what DLL's this program installs on the user's computer. I don't want it to mess up their DLL soup."

It was becoming clear to me that she had once heard someone use this phrase, but knew nothing about DLL's, and not much more about computers.

ME: "Well, actually, we don't install *any* DLL's, so that won't be an issue."

HER: "Because the last thing I want to do is screw up a user's DLL soup."

ME: "It won't be a concern at all. We don't install any DLL's."

She then turns to the suits and proceeds to tell a horror story that happened to a friend of a friend, all because the friend's "DLL soup" supposedly got screwed up by some new software she installed.

Ultimately, the firm passed on working with our client.

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