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Sunday July 5, 2020
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canman | posted 07-05-2005 | Number of Votes: 82  |  Current Rating: 4.44   

Part of my job involves writing crons for various clients. Most are very simple things. Run database script, encrypt data, send somewhere else. A lot of pushing and pulling.

Yesterday one of our Project Managers called me up .. the conversation went something like this:

PM: Hi, I need you to write me a cron for this client.
Me: Sure, no problem. What do you want it to do?
PM: .... I just need a cron written. How long will it take you?
Me: ... uhhhh ... that depends .. what do you want it to do?
PM: Oh, uhh .. grab the output file from the developer's code.
Me: OK, that's a start .. what do you want the cron to do with the output file? Encrypt it? Parse it? Send it somewhere? Who is to be notified? How often should this run?
PM: [silence]
Me: How about you get that info and get back to me?

When they asked for "a cron" I was tempted to write a one liner that does nothing but run once a day and email a successful status. :)

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