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Wednesday November 13, 2019
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rpk | posted 08-29-2005 | Number of Votes: 46  |  Current Rating: 3.49   

A photographer friend has severe trouble downloading her pictures from her Nikon to her Mac laptop. (She's more technophobic than she admits to herself.) So she frequently asks me to download the pics to my own Windows laptop. After all, when I do it, it works.

This past week, she'd taken a lot of pics for a CD cover, and she'd asked a friend with a Mac to download the pictures to his machine. Lord knows what happened, but she phoned me to tell me that, although her friend had apparently moved the pics to his Mac desktop, they'd disappeared completely. They weren't on his machine, and she couldn't find them on the flash drive on the Nikon.

So, she takes more pictures, and brings the thing to me. I plug in the USB cable, and the flash drive appears on my desktop as a "new drive." Fine. So I start looking through the directories for her pictures. I find them in a directory named something like E:/UMID/43FG05b/. (I forget the actual name, but you get the idea.)

But I poke around on the Flash drive, and I noticed a directory called E:/Desktop. I look in there... and there's a directory called E:/Desktop/UMID/43FG05b/, full of her older pictures.

I don't know Macs, but here's what _seems_ to have happened. When her friend moved the pics to his desktop, he'd moved the directory icon. Fine idea... but apparently, the Mac didn't atcually move the files to the computer. It simply "tagged" them as Desktop stuff. And when my friend tried to find them using her Nikon's viewer, the Nikon couldn't find this new "desktop" directory.

Well, she was amazingly grateful, which is nice, and we phoned her Mac friend to tell him that the pictures were rescued. We burned the pictures onto CDROMs for her later use. Sad thing is, I offered to clan up her Flash drive... and she was terrified that she'd lose everything despitehaving CDROMs and backups on my computer. So her flash drive remains nearly full.

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