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Tuesday August 11, 2020
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Graham | posted 09-02-2005 | Number of Votes: 97  |  Current Rating: 4.02   

Conversation with Web Host Help Desk

Me (web designer): Hi. There's something strange going on with site because of your settings....(describes problem)...

Tech Support (them): Ok...hold on........(goes away for a few minutes)

Tech Support: OK. The problem is that you've got multiple files with the same name on the site.

Me: WTF are you talking about? We DON'T have files with identical names in the same folder anywhere on that site!

Tech Support: No, but you do have files with the same name in DIFFERENT folders. That is what is causing your problems.

Me: .....

Me: Uhhm...NO that's NOT causing the problem. That's a ridiculous hypothesis. Sites can have dozens/hundreds of files all called "index" or "default," as long as they are each in different folders.

Tech Support: Oh OK. Let me check something else then.

Me: Yes, please do that.

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