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Friday July 20, 2018
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WindowShopping | posted 09-05-2005 | Number of Votes: 80  |  Current Rating: 4.56   

This particular client was excited about using e-commerce. The opportunity to bring people to a website and sell things "without a lot of work" was appealing.
After heavy promotion, search engine placement, etc, the following call comes in.

Client: I got my hosting bill!

Me: (pull up info) Looks like your new website is getting lots of traffic! Congrats!

Client: But not everybody bought something. Do we have to pay for that?



Me: (suddenly the coffee kicks in): Do you have people come into your store "Just looking"?

Client: Of course!

Me: You pay for the lights and employees wages when people are just looking?

Client: Of course!

Me: And you pay for the cost of internet traffic to your site, regardless of a purchase.
Client: ...

Me: ...

Client: ...

Me: In fact, I tend to shop around first then come back later to buy something.

Client: too! Thanks. <click>

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