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Tuesday August 11, 2020
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finbarr | posted 09-19-2005 | Number of Votes: 112  |  Current Rating: 4.58   

Professional results sometimes call for an unprofessional approach.

My client wanted a 'professional looking website' but supplied me with a shit logo. Nothing new there so I struggled on nonetheless. The first site design was tentatively approved but with 'a few minor tweaks'. On submission of version 2 site design the client decided they didnt like the design after all saying it didnt 'look professional enough' plus they'd had a new logo designed. I was crushed but I couldnt wait to get the new logo as I was honestly struggling.

On receipt of the new logo I nearly had a fucking seizure - it had obviously been done in MSWord with some god-awful bevel effect by a 12 year old with the mental capacity of an amoeba. I couldnt take it! I phoned the client and asked him if he was sure that this was the logo he wanted to use. He obviously sensed something in my voice because he asked me 'why?'.

After a 5 minute rant - wherein I told him exactly why if he used this logo his company would never be viewed as 'professional' by anybody other than a complete fuckwit - I think he got the message. It turned out the logo had been done by his nephew (16 yrs old so I was a little out) on his computer at home. Surprisingly though he thanked me for my honesty and asked what he should do? I told him I'd design a logo for him for nothing (it would be worth it!) and do a new design for the site so he could see how it would all fit together.

20 mins after emailing the new site design and logo I got a call from him and his partners singing my praises and thanking me for 'highlighting our shortcomings'.

Sometimes honesty is the only policy

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