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Sunday February 16, 2020
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Infektid | posted 09-19-2005 | Number of Votes: 52  |  Current Rating: 4.26   

Client: Hey matt (me) now for this access point none of the lights on it are on.

Me: well do you have power going to it?

Client: Yes

Me: hmmm... well do you have the netowrk cable plugged into the switch?

Client: How can I plug the same cable into two different places?

Me:...? umm you should have One goin to the power strip and one going to the switch

Client: Nope this yellow cable (cat 5 network cable) won't plug into the wall outlet

Me: no, that one goes to the switch.

Client: ok I plugged it into the switch. and the lights still arn't on.

Me: ok, now the black cable that has the wall outlet prongs on it goes into the wall. and that is your power cable.

Client: ok I plugged it in and still no lights.... are you sure you know what you are doing?

Me: yes, is the other end plugged into the access point?

Client: no, is it supposed to be?

Me: ...... yes please plug it into the AP.

Client: whats and AP?


Client: calm down ... there isn't even a place to plug the other end into the switch.

Me: ...*CLICK*

My co-worker had to drive 300 miles to plug the power cord into the access point....some people just should not be working in a technical business

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