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Saturday January 25, 2020
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rnbwavngr | posted 09-24-2005 | Number of Votes: 83  |  Current Rating: 1.52   

so i am standing at the computer in the photo lab i work in. i am playing solitare out of boredom, but the customers cant tell them i just look occupied. the counter guys were all busy and a small line was forming. unfortunately for them i know nothing about the sales part of the business and was trying to avoid making eye contact with anyone in the line, as they tend to ask me questions that i cant answer. so a customer wanders over to me... i am dressed nicely (i am at work after all) and am in front of a computer. i am behind a counter that is about stomach high with a plexiglass divider-like thing that adds another foot. there is a flatbed scanner to my right and a large 1/4 of a million dollar digital photo printer right behind me. she looks at me and says "excuse me, do you work here?" ... no they just let me wander back and push shiny buttons. it was hard not to answer with sarcasm. the sad thing is that is not the only time i have been asked that while bein behind the counter!

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