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Saturday August 17, 2019
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hyperrdesign | posted 09-28-2005 | Number of Votes: 119  |  Current Rating: 4.50   

I swear I had a client that I had been working with for more than 6 months ask me one day: "Can we just scrap this whole thing and start over from scratch?" I said: "Sure, but you do realize that this will be treated like a new project and therefore I am going to have to charge you more. To which he replied: "Well, then I'll just go somewhere else and have them do it for me. You've taken 6 months to do this site anyway and it's made me broke. There's no way I could afford to pay you more for this thing. I'll just take my business elsewhere, oh and I need a refund." It only took 6 months because he wanted to change something every time I turned around. This was the only customer who actually called me on a regular basis. The only problem was, every time he called he wanted me to do major overhauls on his site. Luckily he paid me every bill I sent him, but then this happened. After about 3 weeks of telling him that he didn't get a refund, he actually had the nerve to try and sue me. I pulled out the phone calls, the meetings schedules and the e-mails (and of course every email talked about how great I was and how much he loved working with me but how he wanted to change everything under the sun). I spent all of an hour in court showing my end of the story and the judge happily told him to have a nice day. He also had to pay my court costs and legal fees. Talk about a pain in the butt.

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