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Thursday October 29, 2020
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Stupid Client Quote #350

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betty_cherry | posted 09-08-2004 | Number of Votes: 138  |  Current Rating: 4.42   

a few choice comments from a nightmare client that hasn't paid....

after sending me a link to a truly terrible site she thought was good:
"I liked the way the home page was animated, and the words came at you."

about another site:
"I found a really cool water ripple effect on a site - can we do this?"

a quote:
"Do we need a menu? Couldn't we have all the links throughout the text?"

and to top it all, they had the worst logo i had ever seen, which was just the company name written in an Edwardian script, in purple. I tried to get them to change it, but they were reluctant. When the client came round, I was determined to tell her exactly how terrible it was. I was about to start when she said "Ooh, I had a new tattoo". Oh really, says I. She turns round and shows me the logo that I was about to tell her was the worst I had ever seen, tattooed on her back. God's honest truth....

And now I have been left penniless, after their project fell apart and they refused to pay me (even though I had made the site). But at least I don't have a terrible logo of a failed company tattooed on my back!

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