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Wednesday October 16, 2019
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hugsconcrete | posted 11-15-2005 | Number of Votes: 37  |  Current Rating: 3.38   

Did 3 designs for a 16-page brochure. Client's comments were extremely vague. Faxed us a few layouts that looked really mediocre to me. A week later, i sent one done in that mediocre fashion but client was busy and postponed it. No response since. I called a month after that, and sent several emails to follow up.

Client then call us:
We are very busy people. Please don't call us. You are driving me crazy!

Me: Oh. What about YOUR brochure?

Client: Later, later!! I'll get back soon!!

6 months later, client sent an email:
Hi. I hope you remember me. We are ready to start on the company profile. The currant format is too 'serious' looking. Can we start from scratch? Prefer to inject some creativity and pictures in it. Can that be acheived? Please advice and lead.

Later i found out Company Profile is the brochure...not to mention the bad spelling and wrong word used...sigh...

A week on, I'm taking my time to do 1 design.

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