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Monday March 25, 2019
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WorksForPeanuts | posted 11-29-2005 | Number of Votes: 48  |  Current Rating: 3.69   

Facts, who needs facts...

Before any holiday we make an effort to queue anything for the predictably hectic Monday to follow. I try to take a few easy ones so I can wake up a little bit.

I chose a real easy "Plan A" or "Plan B" sort of set up for a print ad that was to be approved first thing Monday morning.
We need a stamp that says, "favor of a friend of the boss", because those always go bad.
This particular Ad was designed as for a company that is known for it's heavy duty support of local athletics. There were two very different ads. "Plan A" in the event a local sports team won their big grand Finale over the Thanksgiving holiday, or "Plan B" in the event they lost, and wouldn't proceed onward to some championship stuff, I suppose.

Well, they lost, so I thought I would place a courtesy call and make sure "Plan B" was to be sent through the final hoops.
There are two people who can submit approval at the company. Two owners who are usually pretty brilliant.

I explained that "Plan B" is ready to go to off to the necessary publications.

"But I like the look of 'Plan A' better, can we use that??"

I explained there might be a slight delay, but we could work around it, get the text switched, and have it out after noon.

"No, don't change any text!"
Rather than fight this, I decided to e-mail him each ad, seperately, then call me back for final approval "just to make sure we're on the same page and we value getting it right the first time". (Translation: This is going to be your butt, not mine!)

An hour later I get a voice mail back from the guy telling me to go with the wrong ad. I ran it by my boss, who could see the problem immediately, but also knew you didn't argue with these know it all types.
So he picks up the phone, does some small talk, just happens to mention the ad... "Did my guys get back with you yet? I told them to get on on first thing this morning...pity about the big loss this weekend...doesn't "mr. business partner" have a son on the team? Is he in? Has he seen the ad? Maybe I can have somebody shoot it over to him for one last peek before we send it off..."

Brilliant! The ball is now squarely in their court. I create a real professional sounding e-mail, pretty much restating the things my boss told the partner. I attached the ad proof's and waited...and waited. About 11:45 I get a call from the other partner who swears that the wrong ad is the right one.
I put him on hold real quick since my boss would want to know about this.
My boss said he'd handle it. While was was a 'favor' for these guys, it was some pretty big $$$.

Apparently he offered to "do lunch" with this guy, and happened to bring along the ad proofs. I was in a meeting all afternoon and my boss left early, so I have no idea what finally happened. Can't wait for morning!
On one hand I hate for these guys to be embarassed, but there's only so much you can do for Customer Service.

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