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Monday March 25, 2019
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Odessa | posted 12-01-2005 | Number of Votes: 123  |  Current Rating: 4.41   

My company sells centralized voice recording servers through out the US.

Well, part of the software is a saftey monitor that constantly checks the system for abnormal behavior. i.e low disk space, no activity in certain database files etc....

So I get a call from one of our customers

Cust: I think we've got a problem. We don't have any disk space left.

Me: Are you sure, you should have 6 months of active recording, and the system will automatically delete old calls to make room for new ones.

Cust: No, the saftey monitor says we have 0 kilobytes left on our D drive.

Me: ok, let me dial in and check it out for you. The autodelete process probably locked up.

I dial in and I'm looking at the disk, it's got like 250GB free space on it. Check the Saftey monitor app for the drive space statistics.

Drive D: Ok 250GB Free Space


Call the customer back.

Me: Yeah, your drive is Ok not 0k.

Customer: Oh I thought it had no k.

Me: no problem, have a good day.

This was worth the laugh all the way.

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