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Wednesday February 20, 2019
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Stupid Client Quote #3886

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llineberry | posted 01-06-2006 | Number of Votes: 70  |  Current Rating: 4.66   

Client: The zip disk you gave me is empty.

Me: I apologize. I'll copy the files onto another one and send it right away.

Day later --
Client: The second zip disk you gave me is blank, too.

Me: That's impossible, I double-checked it and it should have 7 items.

Client: Well, it's blank and there's nothing on it (she then proceeded to lecture me on the important of efficiency).

Me: What does it say at the top of the disk window? Does it say 0 items?

Client: No, it says 7 items. But nothing shows up.

Me: Scroll down.

Client: Oh, there they are!

(Heavy sigh)

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