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Tuesday December 11, 2018
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wadeva | posted 01-20-2006 | Number of Votes: 52  |  Current Rating: 2.79   

Our servers crashed recently. Over 2 weeks, the support team pour hours and hours into putting sites back up. On the other hand, CEO, AE and I went to meet one of our website clients for some banners and posters discussion. However, at the last minute, CEO couldn't make it. So, when 2 of us got there, we first spend 15 minutes presenting the artwork. Followed by a feedback session:

me: So anything u're not sure of?
Client#1: Yes. What's with the servers recently?!
AE: (insert brief layman translation; unpredictable events, etc)
Client#2: So, is there anything we can prevent this? (and 5 other stupid questions)
AE: ...erm...(tries his best to avoid explaining)
*and the bombardment goes on...*

For the 1h 30 mins meeting. We spend 15 mins doing our thing, one hour entertaining questions we dunno how to answer despite displaying our non-expertise in that area and then back to the artwork discussion for changes. I jus dun understand why anyone would ask an "Art Director" and "Offline Account Executive" about server problems. CEO just laughed it off and count his blessings he wasn't there! ...just our luck...

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