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Monday March 18, 2019
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timmartus | posted 02-07-2006 | Number of Votes: 46  |  Current Rating: 3.85   

AFTER the brochure was printed the president of the company took me aside and asked that future publications be "brighter."

Being strictly budget-minded, we rarely got to did more than 2-color jobs. Mostly one-color spot jobs. So there was always a balance between getting a nice color AND getting a color that would be legible for the large amount of text that HAD to be included in each publication. Because.

So instead of the Reflex Blue (dark blue) he'd asked for, I started using bright greens (more Kermit than forest), yellows, oranges, even a magenta.

After a few more seasonal brochures had come and gone and I thought I was doing well.

Until the president stopped me again. He reinterated that he didn't like these "light" colors in the recent publications, he wanted "bright" colors.

I got my Pantone book and asked him to show me which color direction to go. He chose Reflex Blue out of the over 700 possibilities. Then he went back to his office and fetched the very same brochure from the very first "bright" color conversation we had.

It took another ten minutes before I figured it out; he didn't want bright colors, he wanted high contrast. Lots of white space against dark screens, no ghosting, no light colors. Big, heavy coverage dark blues, dark grapes, dark browns with WHITE text.

Sweet man, didn't embarass me in front of the others, finally got what he meant.

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