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Wednesday November 14, 2018
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glaikit | posted 02-16-2006 | Number of Votes: 45  |  Current Rating: 3.53   

I do the maintenance on a fairly large website for a regional health care organization. I recently received this request by email:

"(Our Department) would like a printed copy of how the website looks. We are looking at updating and rearranging lots of stuff..., but would like to see a grand overview. Could you send that to me in an e-mail so I can direct it to staff working on the edits?"

My first thought: OK, they want a printed copy of how their own website looks, emailed to them.

My second thought: go to

The result: I called them on the phone to clarify. Sure enough they wanted a printout of their web pages. After mentioning that me emailing the web pages probably would not help, I said I'd print them out and snail-mail them.

Turns out, for some inexplicable reason, the person requesting this info was unable to print out the web pages.

I didn't go there.

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