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Monday March 25, 2019
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RandomU Employee | posted 02-18-2006 | Number of Votes: 62  |  Current Rating: 3.92   

I used to work in the technology pubs division at Random University as a technical
writer. We had a student web guy who handled all the HTML, coding, etc. After four
years, it was time for him to graduate; the other five of us staff members'
combined skills didn't add up to his, so he gave us a lesson. This was my first
experience with HTML.

Student: To represent colors, you use hex color codes. These are six digits, and
each number can be 0-8 or A-F. Never 9, though. Here's a table that shows the
code for each color (shows a web site).
Staff person: How do they come up with those codes?
Student: I don't know.
Me: Are they hex representations of RGB values? You know, the first two digits are
red, second two are green ...
Student: *blink* *blink* Ummm ... yeah

Suffice to say, I did a lot more training on my own. But he was just a student. Well,
a few months later, I was giving a presentation on a CMS to senior management.

Me: On a page, if you want to override the stylesheet, just enter a value in this box.
For example, I'll make the text green. (typing p {color:#00FF00}).
Head of Tech Support: (shocked) You know the hex value for green?

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