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Wednesday November 14, 2018
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Andy | posted 03-20-2006 | Number of Votes: 94  |  Current Rating: 3.67   

I used to lay out newspaper ads for car dealerships. Each department (new, used) had control of their content, within the space allocated by management.

One day, the use car manager asked for more room for another car listing. I told him his space was fixed - and he told me to make the logo at the top of his section smaller to make room. No problem, we scaled the logo and centered it with empty space to the sides.

He complained that he didn't like the empty space, and to make the logo fit the width. I told him that the logo would have to be taller, which would consume the extra space he wanted.

So he tells us to make it shorter without making it narrower. Knowing that management was (rightfully) concerned about branding, we told him no, because that would distort the logo.

Hi gets indignant, and insists that I (1) make the logo shorter, (2) don't make it narrower,(3) don't distort it, and (4) quit being so critical of his "style".

I tell that what he asks isn't a violation of style, its a violation of geometry.

His answer: "Then quit complaining - computers are good at doing geometry."

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