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Tuesday July 23, 2019
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Stupid Client Quote #4305

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somegraphx | posted 03-29-2006 | Number of Votes: 118  |  Current Rating: 3.24   

I was designing a web page for a client.

Client: "I love it, I just can't stand the paragraphs where there is one word hanging
at the end. Can you make it wrap so it goes away?"

Me: "No, it is an HTML thing. It just has to do with the size of your browser
window. If you make the window bigger or smaller it will go away."

Client: "Oh..okay...I see. That's great. But now there is one word on the third
paragraph. Can you make that one go away?"

Me: "Sure, can you make your browser window any bigger?"

Client: "Oh great...yup...that fixed it."

Two hours later...client calls..."The web page is broken again. I'm looking at it in
my boss' office and a bunch of the paragraphs have just one word at the end.
Can you fix it again?

Me: Can you make the browser window bigger?

Client: Oh fixed it again. Can you keep it fixed for me to show it to the

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