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Wednesday December 12, 2018
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ragecreative | posted 05-08-2006 | Number of Votes: 100  |  Current Rating: 3.71   

I was working at a University computer lab using an early version of Novell Netware over Windows NT. Users were required to use "Ctrl-Alt-Delete" to get a login prompt. There are even pictures of this on-screen graphically representing what to do.

User: I can't get my login to work.

Me: Are you sure you're typing your user/name Password correctly?

User: No, I can't even get there.

Me: Oh. You need to press Ctrl-Alt-Delete to access that.

User: Oh, ok.

(5 minutes pass)

User: It's still not letting me.

Me: Ok. Lemme come and take a look at it. (at users station) Show me how you're logging in. I want to make sure the system hasn't locked up.

User: Like this--(With 3" long bubble gum pink finger nails 'clicking' against the screen, she 'presses' the pictures of the keys on the monitor.)

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