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Wednesday September 23, 2020
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jay | posted 06-20-2006 | Number of Votes: 46  |  Current Rating: 3.59   

so I'm working on some posters & flyers for a spring party we're doing which of
course means including sponsors logos & information.

Sponsor:"Hi, the BBQ we were hosting has been cancelled, can you remove it from
the posters?"
Me:'Oh really? umm well they've already gone to print, I spoke with the printer this
morning and they were in the morning que, it's really too late to make changes"
Sponsor:"Oh, well we're not having the BBQ, can you just change the listing on the
Me:"No I'm sorry, it's too late, the posters have gone to print, when I spoke with
the printer this morning they were physically about to print them, it's really too
Sponsor:"We really need that information changed, is it too late to change?"
Me:"Yes, as I've said, the posters have gone to print, there is no way I can change
them now. I will make this change on the brochure and the newspaper ads but it's
really too late for the poster I'm afraid"

This went on for about another 10 minutes, eventually the sponsor gave up with
me. They called back later and spoke with one of the sales people and had the
same conversation again.

To top it off they sent a rude e-mail later that week about how disappointed they
were in there lack of exposure in the brochure & newspaper ad. The kicker? The
"sponsor" hadn't paid us a dime to be listed, it was a community event that they
were taking part in.

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