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Tuesday November 12, 2019
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Kuma | posted 07-11-2006 | Number of Votes: 68  |  Current Rating: 4.02   

This is either an ex-coworker quote or a potential-client quote, suit yourself :)

For the background: In early 2000's I used to work as a multi-functional IT support/trainer/designer/repairman/etc. in a multi-industry subcontracting company. S**tload of work, below average wage and constant new requirements on top of the existing ones from the higher management, which all was finally acknowledged with sacking - because of "corporate re-organizing".

Anyways; there was one senior mid-range manager who used to call me "boy" (please mind that I was almost 30 at that time). He wouldn't care either if I was busy with something, he just assumed that I was at his disposal 24/7...

That behaviour finally stopped when I didn't react on that name "boy" anymore. He walked into my room asking why didn't I come to help him. I responded to him that I hadn't heard him calling me but just some odd boy. And that I would gladly help him, if he just had called me by my name AND had asked if I was available (asking availability was a standard procedure for everybody else, too). And guess what, he actually did what I asked for!

But that's not the actual quote here yet. I'll get you there, be patient!

After I had been sacked from the company I visited there few times to collect my reference, holiday money etc. and to see some of my ex-colleagues. One time (my sacking happened more than two months ago) I bumped into this very same manager. He started immediately in his own instinct way that he has this and this problem with his computer and his charts and his software etc. and that he needs my assistance right away in his office.

I answered that I would be happy to help him, no problem at all. All he has to do is to contact company's HR manager and ask him to do a freelance contract with me for this and this hourly wages, etc. He just stared at me blankly, blinked few times, turned around without a word and rushed away. I saw him few other times again later, but he didn't even answer my helloes anymore.

I wonder what he was exactly thinking. How could he assume that I would work for FREE for the company which had sacked me already?...

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